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How It Works


User Manual of the Randma Jaw Exerciser

Instruction For Uses 

     1. Before training, wash your jaw exerciser in warm water.    



     2. Place the jaw exerciser on your molars.

  Be careful to not chew on the front and canines, otherwise you will destroy your Jaw Exerciser.



       3. Squeeze fast without holding 40 – 50 times.

           Do not forget to breathe properly during the exercise. 


4. Then take a 1- minute break. This is your one set. Do a total of 2 sets per day.
Use both jaw exerciser and avoid chewing in a circular motion.



      After you have gone through 2 sets or a maximum of 5 minutes per day, 

      rinse your Randma jaw exerciser and put it back in the box.                        






We have designed two models with two resistance levels. Randma 1.0 is the level for beginners with a resistance of 20 lbs. Randma 2.0 is the advanced level with a resistance of 40 lbs for those who have already trained with level 1.0.

For best results we strongly suggest that you upgrade to Randma 2.0 advanced level after 1 week of using level 1.0.


Why we have made two different resistances?


Your facial muscles are not used to this kind of training for the advancer one.


So we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you start with our Level 1 Randma 1.0 to reduce the risk of injury. Warm up your muscles and also achieve the best results possible.



This product is not for children.

This product will be put in the mouth during the training and it won't be suitable if you have conditions such as obstruction, sinus headaches and pain, sore/sensitive teeth, jaw pain, neck and infections.


If you are susceptible to sinus headaches, wearing braces or injuries to your neck, jaw, teeth or head before using this product, please consult your doctor to find out whether your situation allows safe use of this product. If the pain does not go away after using this product, please stop using this product and consult your doctor.



Material: Made of 100% food grade silicone


Comfort: The product curve is ergonomic and fits the mouth shape


Easy to Use: You can "Bite" anytime and anywhere


Lines: Tighten the face and slow down aging


Effcient: After several weeks of use, it can significantly reduce double chin.


Improvement: Exercise regularly as planned to improve facial and neck lines and reduce facial puffiness.


If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us: