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RANDMA Fidget Toys pack mochi squishy toys Pop it Figette toys pack Mystery Fidget box


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Pack of 20: 1 Pop it, 1 Bike Chain Fidget toy, 1 Rainbow Puzzle Ball, 1 Rubik's cube, 6 mochi fidget toy, 4 Stretchy String, 2 marble mesh fidget toy, 2 Bean Fidget, 1 Fidget pad, 1 Stress Ball.


Recommended by many families that parents and children can play together.

It's A Fun Way to Keep the Brain Focused and The Hands Busy.

The pop it fidget toy, the stress ball, the fidget cube or the other fidgets are a Perfect Way to Relieve Stress.

 This fidget toys are a Great Anniversary gift, Christmas Gifts, Party Favors for kids, Carnival Prizes, Classroom Rewards Prizes or any kids party favours.