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RANDMA Fidget Toys pack mochi squishy toys Pop it Figette toys pack Mystery Fidget box


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Pack of 20: 1 Pop it, 1 Bike Chain Fidget toy, 1 Rainbow Puzzle Ball, 1 Rubik's cube, 6 mochi fidget toy, 4 Stretchy String, 2 marble mesh fidget toy, 2 Bean Fidget, 1 Fidget pad, 1 Stress Ball.


Have you noticed that your child, or yourself, suddenly feeling anxious, restless ? Then you cannot control your self to stop trembled? Then you might need or even love with these hand fidget toys. 

Recommended by many families that parents and children can play together.

It's A Fun Way to Keep the Brain Focused and The Hands Busy.

The pop it fidget toy, the stress ball, the fidget cube or the other fidgets are a Perfect Way to Relieve Stress.


This fidget toys are a Great Anniversary gift, Christmas Gifts, Party Favors for kids, Carnival Prizes, Classroom Rewards Prizes or any kids party favours.